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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> new at 11:00, sex trafficking. 9 wants to know why it's so rampant in this area and how authorities plan to stop it. also on 9, our investigation into a store selling booze for teenagers for months lands in court. first tonight, suing america. a local priest tells us why more than 40 catholic organizations are taking on the federal government. washington catholic said today, and we quote, there is no need for this administration to redo the way america works, unquote. >> he is one of many suing the obama administration to stop new health care rules that would require some catholic organizations to provide contraceptive services to their workers. our gary nurenberg is here to explain. >> reporter: the washington average diocese is -- archdiocese is one of several that filed a dozen lawsuits to stop the new rules.
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there is an exemption from those contraceptive rules for religious organizations. >> the only thing that counts in this definition is what you do inside the four walls of your church or your synagogue or your mosque or whatever. >> reporter: which would mean catholic charities, catholic university of america and d.c.'s archbishop wouldn't be covered by the exemption. they've joined the lawsuit. >> mother teresa would not qualify as a religious worker when she's out feeding the poor. >> reporter: the president offered a compromise earlier this year saying insurance companies, not the religious institutions, would pay for the controversial coverage. >> we've been mindful there's another principle of stake here and that's the principle of religious liberty, an enal nab right in our -- enallable right in our constitution. >> reporter: ward was angry that kathleen was invited to
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give a graduation speech. her speech was disrupted by a heckler. she is a named defendant in the new lawsuits. >> what's wrong with it is that the government is seeking to redefine in a very narrow way what a religious institution is. >> reporter: the suit comes six months before the presidential election and a month before the supreme court is expected to rule on other constitutional challenges to the new health care law. >> there's no need for this administration to redo the way america works. >> reporter: we asked for a response from h.h.s., but didn't get one. >> thank you, gary. new at 11:00, their job was to keep our air clean. instead two former inspectors at the district of columbia of the environment took cash bribes in return for not reporting serious issues. they were sentenced today to a year in prison for demanding and getting $20,000. as part of their plea agreements, both men agree to never apply for another government job again. also tonight, a meeting
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over medical marijuana in the district. officials say they've learned a lot about the process from other parts of the country which have also legalized medical marijuana. those officials tell us the laws governing the drug in d.c. will be the most restrictive in the united states. there's another meeting scheduled for tomorrow, which is expected to take focus on the tacoma wellness center. the facility expects to soon offer medical marijuana on blare road in at northwest. the 2010 campaign of d.c. mayor vince gray, the feds have been investigating that for months now. in just the past few hours, that case has gone into hyper drive. a top campaign aid hit with a slew of charges today, and due in court tomorrow. we've confirmed he's opting for a plea deal. the man's name is thomas gore. he's a former assistant campaign treasurer for gray. he's charged with destroying evidence and other crimes involving gray campaign money. >> it's deeply troubling. i know tom gore and he's a standup guy that's done a lot
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on behalf of the city and on behalf of children. >> then, of course, there is the man named suliman brown. he said vince gray gave him cash and money orders to stay in the race and verbally attack the third candidate, then mayor, fenty. gray has repeatedly said he's done nothing wrong. maryland has become a hub for human trafficking and the victims are often underage groups. tonight our scott broom reports on a crash course underway in maryland to teach police and prosecutors how to fight back. >> reporter: inside a silver spring hotel room, a 15-year- old girl was forced to have sex with numerous men after she was lured from new york with a fake modeling job. >> her cell phone had been taken, and they said there are guys coming up here and you will do these things. >> reporter: rodney hubert is serving five years in prison for human trafficking. >> it's emerging problem in
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maryland. >> reporter: today police were trained on how to prosecute offenders and identify victims. another area teen recently saved from gang members who used facebook to entice her to run away from her family. >> once she ran away to them, they put her in as a sex slave for the ms-13 gang. >> reporter: police heard from young women trapped as sex slaves who shared their emotional stories on this video. >> everyone want to go home. >> reporter: human sex trafficking cases have been reported in almost every area jurisdiction, but they're heavily concentrated in the hotel district surrounding bwy airport why clients are plentiful. this conference continues in maryland tomorrow. one focus will believe the internet sites where girls are openly marketed by their pimps. scott broom, 9 news now. >> since 2007, legislate tears have passed nine laws to crack down on human trafficking but pimps can't be prosecuted until
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thing are caught. despite the fact that they say they're opposed to it, the naacp says they're in favor of gay marriage. the president was overcome with emotion about the issue as it turns out, his own parents are an interracial couple who had to leave the state of maryland to get married in 1966, because race mixing was illegal then. >> my parents own marriage was against the law at the time. and they had to return here to baltimore after getting married in washington, d.c. >> he told reporters he hoped the ncaap endorsement of same sex marriage would be an endorsement in the community. they've already put it to a referendum in november. it is legal to sell under 21? >> no, i didn't sell. >> we got new information
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tonight on a 9 news now investigation we brought you earlier in the year. richard kemp, the owner of town square market on mcarthur boulevard in northwest went on trial today for allegedly selling alcohol to a minor. for several months, our andrea documented him selling to teenagers. on february 18, d.c. police arrested mr. kim and a 17-year- old after that student allegedly bought 30 containers of beer and a bottle of vodka from that store. in court today, the 17-year-old testified that he was asked for i.d. but he handed over an expired driver's license that had somebody else's picture on it. the i.d. belonged to a 22-year-old, but the teen says mr. kim still sold him the booze. the lawyer for mr. kim, that's kim there with the umbrella, the lawyer argued the prosecution never proved it was actually alcohol in those sealed bottles. he said police didn't smell it, taste it. the judge in the case is expected to make his ruling
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tomorrow. and tomorrow marks the one- year anniversary of that tornado that devastated joplin, missouri. >> as reporter danielle nottingham explains, president obama visited the town to deliver an address at joplin high school, one of the many buildings wiped out. >> reporter: president obama didn't have to look far for motivation behind its commencement address for joplin high school class of 2012. >> as i look out at this class, and across this city, what's clear is that you're the source of inspiration today. >> reporter: it was may 22, 2011, when a half mile wide f-5 tornado struck. when it was over, 7500 buildings were damaged or destroyed. and 161 people were dead, including quentin anderson's parents. >> i remember like it's still with me. >> reporter: anderson and his parents were in their home which used to be right here.
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it took a direct hit from the tornado. he was found across the street with a broken back. when he woke up in the hospital three days later, his sister was telling him their parents were killed. >> i'm one of those people that doesn't cry when people are around, so when i was alone that night i cried. >> reporter: joplin cried, too. but in the months since that day, the town has begun rebuilding what was lost. new homes that can with stand 250 miles an hour winds are going up and the high school which is now a pile of rubble, was relocated to a strip mall. and it's not just the landscape that's forever changed. >> you don't really realize how much your parents do for you until they're not here anymore. >> reporter: for quentin and his classmates, some of life's hardest challenges may be already behind them. danielle nottingham, cbs news. more trouble tonight for the former head of the international monetary fund. french investigators say he participated in sex acts while
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here in washington back in 2010, and those acts could constitute gang rape. according to reports out of france, two prostitutes accompanied him and a couple of associates to the w hotel. one woman claims the former leader forced himself upon her despite her protests. >> i heard this jury say guilty 288 times. and i haven't heard you apologize once. >> despite those strong words from the judge, the rutgers student who videotaped his male roommate having a sexual encounter with another man will serve only 30 days in prison. the roommate took his own life soon after the videotaping. prosecutors who were seeking a harsher penalty against him plan to appeal. d.c. council member marion barry checked himself out of a las vegas hospital. he went in on sunday and he spent the night getting treatment for a blood clot. now, barry said that clot formed while he was waiting on a plane in memphis.
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he's expected to make a full recovery. barry, mayor gray and other d.c. leaders are in vegas for a retail convention. a college student is on the hook tonight for $675,000. his crime? illegally downloading 30 songs. the u.s. supreme court today refused to hear joel tannenbaum's challenge and that leaves in place the original ruling. he says he doesn't have that kind of money and he will continue to fight the ruling. nato rulings tonight are reaffirming their pledge to end the combat mission in afghanistan by 2014. nato troops, however, will remain in the country in a support role. president obama spoke briefly monday with both the afghan and pakistani presidents. the u.s. and nato are trying to get back stan to reopen key supply routes closed after a u.s. air strike. >> we didn't anticipate that the supply line issue was going to be resolved by thissummit. we knew that before we arrived
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in chicago, but we're actually making diligent progress on it. >> police actually outnumbered the protesters as they followed them through the downtown streets. this time they sat down in front of the re-election offices of president obama. sunday saw much larger protest crowds and a scuffle with the cops that led to 45 arrests. much more to come on 9 news now. >> what are these people thinking? a mom and dad stuff their toddler into a washing machine. the shocking video is next. plus a health alert, getting a prostate exam is a sensitive subject for any guy. but fellows, there is good news. you may not need that psa test after all. that's what's coming up. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 76 today despite the clouds. temperatures kind of muggy andtomorrow a chance of showers and maybe even a thunderstorm by 9:00. we'll come back and track
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storms live on doppler and see if we're going to dry out the rest of the week.
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unbelievable video right here. parents putting their toddler in a front loading washing machine. mom and dad seem to think it's
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kind of funny at first. but then the panic sets in. they can't get the door open. it's locked. an attendant finally shows up and disables the machine and that's what allows the child to get out. the toddler is expected to be okay. no word on whether the parents will be investigated by the police. in tonight's health alert, a controversial recommendation from a top level government task force. guys, it says most of you can skip that psa test. what the u.s. preventative service task force is saying is running counter to two decades of health care practice. they conclude a screening for psa in healthy middle age men saves the life of just 1 in 1,000 and for every life save, 40 men will become impotent or incontinent because of unnecessary cancer treatment. >> most men who are treated for their prostate cancer would have lived just as well and
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just as long without that treatment. >> not everybody agrees. many urologists are worried more aggressive and deadly prostate cancers will be missed out psa. what the task force says is not a mandate but does have a major impact, especially on private insurance companies and medicare. there was a small, yet poignant political tragedy playing out in our country last week. almost nobody noticed. but derek says perhaps it's just a sign of the times. >> anita, 32 years ago i was voting and my very first presidential election. it was carter v. reagan. but there was another guy on the ballot. an independent candidate named john anderson. the illinois congressman with the moderate views known for the straight talk. if americans were sick of polarized politics, john anderson was supposed to be the cure. he never had a chance. but this year was supposed to be different. not only do the polls say we are really sick of polarized politics, but there's a private group out there called americans elect. they were building the
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political infrastructure, getting on the ballot in all 50 states in hopes of recruiting that perfect moderate problem solver so many americans say they want. americans elect spent $35 million bucks but no serious candidate would take up the cause. so last thursday, americans elect announced it was giving up, just not going to happen, not this year. somebody once said in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. i say they actually get the kind of government they want. and obviously no matter what the polls say, straight talking moderates are not it. >> if you want to respond to anything he has to say head to the let's be real web page. it's part of the roll over the features section. in a few hours, space x will make a second attempt to launch its dragon capsule to
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the international space station. the forecast is looking good with an 80% chance of acceptable weather. the unmanned dragon will become the first one to dock at the space station. did you buy stock in facebook last friday? probably don't feel like friending mark zuckerberg. the stock market did well today but not facebook. it dropped 11%. for investors that's certainly no great deal. it is a kick in the pants. over the weekend, zuckerberg got hitched to his longtime girlfriend and changed his status to married. it seems facebook factors into a lot of divorces. four out of five lawyers in this country say social networking is helping to break up marriages and the texts wind up in court as evidence. facebook makes it too easy to find old flames and make new friends with benefits. >> there you go. stay off facebook. >> okay. >> okay. well, all right.
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lovely weekend. >> yes. rainy monday. >> we're going to try to dry it out for the holiday weekend. we have the unofficial beginning of summer. >> that's four days away, man. >> it's going to take every bit of four days to dry it out. it may not even dry out after four days. we'll keep you posted here. let's start with a live look outside. kind of muggy outside. live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. temperatures still kind of muggy. low 70s downtown. winds out of the east at 11. that easterly wind has killed us all day. clouds in and drizzle and light rain. our pressure steady, 29.92 of mercury. here's a look at live doppler. you can access this on our website at download our weather ap. go to the ap store. this is heavy rain off to the west. ment problem is the storms -- the problem is storms aren't moving anywhere. they're not severe but could
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present flash flooding. we'll move down to the south. plenty of activity just to the west of dulles. and this is going to produce rainfall rates, maybe even 1, 1 1/2 inches per hour. it's straddling 56 to the west of manassas and back to the plains. where is it going to go in the next hour? unfortunately not going to move very far very fast. going to kind of be in the same area. it will weaken somewhat but flash flooding is possible there. threat of flash floods for your commute tomorrow morning and dense fogs as well. areas of fog possible tuesday morning. no doubt about that. more showers on tuesday. a little better chance of thunderstorms, too. you still need the umbrella wednesday. not going to dry out any time soon. hot over the holiday weekend. a little touch of summer over the holiday weekend. it will still be with a cost of showers and perhaps some thunderstorms. overnight, mostly cloudy and mild with some fog, showers and even a thunderstorm possible. lows in the 60s.
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east/southeast at 10. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy and mild with some fog early. a shower or thunderstorm possible, 60s and 70s. then by afternoon, more of the same. mostly cloudy and warm with showers and storms. high 75 to 80. winds southeast at 10. we have a southeasterly component to the wind. because of that we'll keep clouds in most of the day and a good part of wednesday. next seven days, wednesday we're back up to 80. more showers and storms. thursday, we're 80. more showers and thunderstorms. friday, we're looking at temperatures generally in the low 80s to mid-80s on friday. over the weekend, we may flirt with 90 on saturday but a shower or thunderstorm on saturday, sunday and monday but they will be less prevalent. >> as long as they clear out by the holiday weekend, we'll give it time. redskins in action today. we like it. >> redskins back. rg3 looked good. players were happy. they were back for their first
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workout of spring. rg3 makes his first debut on the team. but is the pressure starting to get to him? tiger woods addresses his current slump. sports next. ♪
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well, we've seen robert griffin, iii on television showcasing his beat boxing skills. we've seen him throw the ball around with his fellow rookies. today we saw him practice with the big boys. he got a chance to orchestrate his first full practice for the entire team, impressing his new teammates today. but he knows he's shouldering a lot of responsibility here, and says he's just trying to take it one day at a time. >> you don't want to stress about it. you can be in your playbook 24/7, still get out there and not know what you're doing. i try to make it, you know, even to where i'm in my playbook, know what i'm doing, know my coverages, but not beating myself in the head trying to know every little detail. >> head coach mike shanahan proving he's a tough guy, too. near a play near the end of practice, he was blindsided by a defensive back. we're not allowed to film that segment. he was laid out on the
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turfmotionless for a few moments but able to get up on his own and finish practice. he didn't suffer serious injuries, just a little woozy. peyton manning making his denver debut. a little strange to see him in those colors. this is the first time we've seen him throw a football since the neck surgeries he's had. nationals back on the road this week opening up with philly tonight. desmond gets things rolling in the second with a homer into theshrubs in center. he later contributed an rbi, but tonight shining star. geo gonzalez six scoreless innings, striking out nine. he now leads the major leagues in strikeouts. nats win 2-1. after two years in philly, tiger woods in the at&t golf tournament are back at congressional country club which takes place at the end of june. today tiger was on hand for the event's media day. the last time we saw him there at congressional was three years ago when he won the
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tournament. that's the year his life turned upside down. since then he's captured just one pga tour victory. he says his lull is all part of the game. >> i had a pretty good year in 2000. and i didn't win for a couple months. and the word slump came about. and that's, you know, basically the same thing that's just happened here. i just played three events and i won a tournament three tournaments ago. >> wusa will be on hand for the entire tournament. you can tune in for our special wrap-up show of everything you need to know, hear from everybody you need to hear from. excited it's back in this area. >> beautiful place. >> and great traffic for everybody around there. >> avoid that area. we'll be right back.
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>> that's 9 news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> as always, david letterman is next and is always on. good night, everybody.
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